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What is Altaworld's Insuretech 100?


Altaworld is aiming to bring together carriers, brokers, and other stakeholders in the insurance industry to drive innovation and collaboration with this list of Insurtech 100 companies of 2023


These companies are leading the charge in innovation and technology within the insurance industry, offering cutting-edge solutions to help insurers and insureds alike manage risk, streamline processes, and improve customer experience.

The Insurtech 100 companies of 2023 are diverse in their offerings, with solutions ranging from policy administration platforms to telematics solutions, from AI-based claims processing to risk management consulting. These companies are leveraging the latest technologies to redefine the insurance industry and offer more efficient, customer-centric solutions.

Overall, the Insurtech 100 companies of 2023 are changing the face of the insurance industry, improving processes, increasing efficiency, and delivering better outcomes for all.


Who makes it to 100?

We are constantly scouting the insurance market trying to find who is doing what. Above all, we believe in innovation, collaboration and new age disruptions and that’s what our list of insureTech 100 is all about. These are the companies who are willing to go the extra mile, introduce something innovative and are all set to disrupt the insurance world with their technology services and solutions.

We go through a rigorous months long process of finding the right InsureTechs and details about their solutions and services which then is followed by scrutiny by advisory panel to ensure the credibility behind the InsureTech 100 List.

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Why Insurtech 100?

Reasons why you should download AltaWorld’s InsureTech 100 Report!

Stay up-to-date on the latest Insuretech

The InsureTech 100 Report provides a comprehensive overview of the latest insuretechs including their emerging technologies, market dynamics, and regulatory developments. The report profiles 100 of the most innovative and game-changing insuretech companies in the world, offering insights into new business models, products, and services that can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Access valuable market intelligence

The report provides detailed information on each company's business model, products and services, funding, and key partnerships, giving you a deep understanding of the competitive landscape and the opportunities for growth.

Make informed investment decisions

Whether you're an investor, startup or MGAs looking for new business opportunities, the InsureTech 100 Report provides valuable insights into the most promising companies in the industry, helping you make informed investment decisions.

Benchmark your own company & gain a competitive advantage

The report provides a benchmark for your own company's performance and growth prospects, helping you identify areas for improvement and potential partnerships. By downloading the InsureTech 100 Report, you will gain a competitive advantage by staying ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving insuretech industry.

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Latest News & Articles

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    Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks that are commonly associated with human beings. According to more than 76% of insurance executives, the stakes for innovation have never been higher. AI adoption is accelerating among insurers and the insurance sector, with 87 percent of carriers investing more than $5 million per year in AI-related technologies.