About Us

AltaWorld is an encyclopedia of global news, trends, conferences, events, and tradeshows driven by technology disruption in the insurance industry. Providing a one-stop-shop digital repository, we bring cutting-edge insights, industry expertise and global analytics form the tech world to drive growth in the constantly changing business environment.

We are constantly bringing our digital information from various technology-driven events, conferences, and tradeshows within a single platform. Our repository is all you need to plan your next conference attendance, event marketing budget and competition analysis within any technological sector including but not limited to; Big Data, Analytics, Innovation, Strategy, Digital, Finance, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Fintech, Data Science.

Altaworld believes in sharing knowledge, collaborating and building networks are essential to the success of any business. And so, through our series of events and digital content we strive to accelerate the success of those in our growing community and ultimately help to keep the wheels of insurance innovation in motion.

Our physical and virtual conferences, webinars, reports, and digital content provide Technology-driven thought leadership, shared experiences, and networking opportunities required to stay ahead of the insurance innovation competition.

How AltaWorld Helps You?

Technology Providers

We know how excruciating it is to find the right conference, event or awards for your marketing efforts year on year. Not all of them can maintain the quality, many die in vain, some change their policies, numerous news one comes into the picture and thousands couldn’t deliver what you expected. With all this conundrum, how do you supposed to find the right fit for your marketing efforts, valuable lead generation and acquiring new clients? AltaWorld will be your answer! Get everything that you want to know about events, conferences and global meetings that fall into your industry expertise.

If you think we are missing out on a few important ones, drop us an email at marketing@altaworld.tech and we will get the details for you.

Delegates, Learners and Experts Speakers

Aren’t you tired of landing at the wrong conferences? We understand the importance of your time hence we are bringing all that you need to know under one roof. Starting from what conferences to attend, & latest updates to best-suit agenda for your learning & expertise & trending changes in the event industry; everything you will get on one platform. Explore your learning curve, showcase your expertise to event organizers and select the best fit conference to attend on a single platform.

We keep the analysis ready for you, all you need is the right budget to participate in the event of your exact choice!

Need a custom analysis? Write to us at marketing@altaworld.tech

Conference Organizers

How often can you better your competition? It’s seldom never because you don’t have the right analysis, proper competitive edge or latest nuances concerning subject expertise. Now, you can everything at once with just a single platform, AltaWorld helps you understand and get easy access to the latest trends, technologies, expertise, competition and operational details to run your events smoothly. We are the encyclopedia of the conference industry, providing all that matters to you on a single platform – competition, delegates, sponsors, associations, partners, hotels, and more…

If you think we are missing out on something or need customized analysis then drop us an email on marketing@altaworld.tech and we will get the details for you!

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