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10 ways UK Motorcycle Riders Can Protect On Insurance Bonuses

With all the commotion about e-scooters making headlines across the UK, it can be easy for other two-wheeled automobiles to slip under the insurance radar. Thankfully, Insurance Business’s recent report on the motorbike insurance market has shone a spotlight on this area of content and the safeguard it offers.

This legally required insurance product helps protect riders against liability if their vehicles are involved in an accident and give financial compensation if their bikes are stolen or damaged. With the UK home to more than 1.2 million enrolled motorcycles (according to Statista), it’s no wonder that so many riders will look to explore the cheapest possible coverage that still affords them the necessary protection.

But how can UK riders save on motorbike insurance?

Dealing with those riders who are looking for the cheapest motorbike insurance, the personal finance website Money Saving Expert reveals there is no “straightforward” way to guarantee the cheapest dividend as prices are based on “how much risk insurers perceive you to be.”

To help UK motorcycle riders save on premiums, the London-based firm, along with several consumer websites, dealt with 10 practical tips:

  1. Choose a less influential and less expensive motorcycle.
  2. Be aware of your mileage
  3. Boost the motorbike’s security
  4. Compare policies and prices from multiple comparison sites
  5. Read the policy carefully before buying
  6. Avoid auto-renewing
  7. Opt for an annual payment
  8. Build up your no-claims bonus
  9. Increase your excess
  10. Explore alternative options to cut dividends

An alternative option, highlighted by Money Saving Expert, is for riders to opt for a multi-bike policy which costs less than taking out multiple policies from different insurers. Meanwhile, for automobile riders who will be using their motorbikes just a few times a year, experts recommend taking out interim cover.

Premiums for this type of policy are cheaper, the company stated, but motorcycle owners are risking their eligibility for a no-claims bonus in the future. Additionally, they are required to secure a statutory off-road notification (SORN) for their uninsured vehicle

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