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Hacked Twitter

100+ High-profile Twitter Accounts hacked asking for huge returns

Recently, around 130 twitter accounts, which include accounts of business tycoons like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and others, got hacked. Twitter has also said that hackers have downloaded personal data of around 8 unverified accounts. They did it without even mentioning their names.

From these influential accounts, they asked for bitcoin with a double return to which Uber and Apple fall prey to. According to Twitter, the attackers used tools available only to their internal support team.

According to the head of the cybersecurity strategy for CyberCube, Mr. Darren Thomson, hackers gain access to Twitter’s internal systems and tools. They did it by using a complex social engineering attack. People have sent around $100,000 to the spam bitcoin demand by influential accounts. However, according to Thomson, the outcome could be more damaging and disastrous.

Also, the attack has brought two points to the people. The first one is that the COVID pandemic and working from home has created new opportunities for the cyberattackers. Working from home has shifted all the work to cloud computing and everything is getting done via the internet.

This Twitter attack also got possible only by manipulating employees of Twitter who are working from their homes. Moreover, they used the tools provided to these working from home employees and penetrated these socially influential accounts.

The second point is that these influential accounts have a great impact on the people, society, share market, business, and economy of the country. In the past, we have seen tweets by Elon Musk which caused a fall in the price of his company’s share.

One can use hacked accounts to defame a company or damage the market value of these companies. Moreover, CyberCube has expected more such attacks in the future and asked to be alert.

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