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ADT and Hippo partnered to add Advanced Home Service and discounts for Home Insurance

ADT partnered up with Hippo to add Professionally Installed and Monitored Smart Home Services and discounts for Home Insurance customers. This will lead to new care and protection standards for homeowners across 32 states.

ADT’s connected protection system with professional smart home monitoring and Hippo’s digitally native home insurance policies with proactive protection facilities when combined will definitely benefit customers. The services will help customers save on their insurance and make their life better.

“ADT shares our vision for utilizing smart home technologies to create safer, better futures for homeowners,” said Dave Wechsler, VP of Growth Initiatives at Hippo. “ADT expands the family of smart home devices to include more ways for homeowners to have the information and tools to be safer homeowners. Partners like ADT deliver on both the trust and technology that takes our smart home program to the next level.”

“Through the turnkey, professionally installed smart home monitoring we are offering to Hippo customers, we are expanding our reach in meaningful ways that will grow our business,” said Jeff Barnes, Director, Affinity Partnerships at ADT.

ADT’s existing customers may be eligible for the smart home discounts on home insurance premiums offered through Hippo Insurance services in some of the states. Hippo having ADT’s professional monitoring services customers may receive a discount on their home insurance premiums.

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