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AEGIS London welcomes its Chief Technology Officer

AEGIS London appointed Mark Degenaar as its first chief technology officer. In his new role, Mark will lead AEGIS London’s technology department and support the department’s digital and technology strategy.

Mark Degenaar joined AEGIS London in May 2021 from Insurance Business Applications, where he worked as Senior Vice President of architecture. He has also held several ranges of senior technology from those within the insurance sector and other markets, including stints as chief architect at AXA Health Care and Direct Line Group. Mark will be reporting to the chief operating officer of AEGIS London, Marianne Harvey. Mark said he is proud to support a dynamic and progressive company.

They go from strength to strength, leading the way to healthy and sustainable technology architecture. The business can trust, thrive, and innovate.

Marianne Harvey said that AEGIS London has embarked on a digital-driven strategy to develop its award-winning quiet and binding platform, Opal. Mark has a wealth of experience with the organization to support its continuing digital innovation and technology strategy. He added that mark
is a proven technology leader and digital innovator. With over 25 years of experience transforming and driving technology innovations in the financial and insurance industry, they understand technology strategy and cloud technology transformation to strengthen their digital push.

Marianne joined AEGIS London in 2012 as head of internal audits before entering the insurance industry. She held several Financial Services audit positions at PwC and Rothschild and was a member of the LMA operations committee. She oversees the operation and its functions and supports underwriting and claims activity.

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