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Agenda for Our Women in Insurance Tech Conference

Introducing the Women in Insurance Tech Conference, this two-day event happening on September 8 – 9, 2022 in Boston, USA will witness Interactive sessions, anecdotal presentations, and engaging panel discussions! 

Day one will be split up into two sessions in which the speakers will talk about Newer Leadership Strategies & Insurance sector and Customer Engagement & Digital Era in detail. 

Topics of discussion under Newer Leadership Strategies & Insurance Sector;

  • Panel discussion on Changing Dynamics of Women leadership in the insurance world
  • Keynote on Effect of Pandemic on Insurance Women Leadership

Topics of Discussion under Customer Engagement in Digital Era;

  • Customer Experience & Engagement focusing on Reinventing Next-Generation Consumer Experiences
  • Round table on Digitizing the Customer Experience for Future
  • Role of Fully Digital Insurance Products in Building Modern Ecosystems
  • Improving CX in Insurance Communications: Act now, plan for the Future
  • Panel Discussion on How to Leverage on New Customer Engagement Models Capturing Untapped Revenue

Day two will also break off into two sessions talking about Connected Insurance, Technology Disruptions & Data Analytics, and Process Automation: Claims, Underwriting, Customer Journey, and more in detail.

The topic of Discussion under Connected Insurance, Technology Disruptions & Data Analytics;

  • Panel discussion on Digital Transformation Through Connected Insurance
  • Digital insurance: Creating a connected future
  • Insurance 2030 -The impact of AI on the future of insurance
  • Leveraging big data in Digital insurance

The topic of Discussion under Process Automation: Claims, Underwriting, Customer Journey, and more;

  • How AI & automation help insurers deliver exceptional claims experience
  • From underwriting to claims management, AI is the key for Transformation

Some of the already confirmed speakers who will talk on the above-mentioned topics are;

  • Vinita Jajware-Beatty, President, Toronto Insurance Women’s Association (TIWA)
  • Lori Pon, Director, Claim Transformation, The Auto Club Group
  • Michelle Osborne, Chief Deputy Commissioner of Insurance, Carolina Department of Insurance
  • Megan Duty, Vice President, Puritan Life
  • Gina Hardy, Chief Executive Officer, North Carolina Joint Underwriting Association
  • Tracey Sharis, Senior Vice President, Ironshore
  • Jennifer Wilson, SVP, Director of Risk Management Account Services, HUB International. 

View the complete speakers list here;

This event will help you network with some of the US insurance industry’s most influential women leaders so register for this event now and make your presence along with leaders & innovators. 

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