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Aon names new local governors for reinsurance battalion

George Attard has been called as chief manager of reinsurance solutions in Asia-Pacific; in the UK, Rupert Moore; in Canada, Matt Wolfe; in the Caribbean, Steve Bonifacio; and, in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), both Alfonso Valera and Tomas Novotny.

Jeremy Goodman, meanwhile, will fulfil as the unit’s president for APAC. Nick Frankland, who first this week was thumped to chair the security consulting group, is also seizing on the role of UK president. For EMEA, co-CEO Alan Gregory is walking on to fulfil as the region’s chairman.

David Sloan, who is resigning as CEO and seat of Canada and the Caribbean at the end of the year, will stay for another 18 months as an adviser. As part of the evolution, Wolfe and Bonifacio will assume their new roles arrive in 2022.

Also beneficial in the New Year is Moore’s appointment. In addition to the UK CEO post, he will also act as an executive supporter for Japanese customers globally.

Meanwhile, retaining their current positions are US reinsurance explanations chief executive George deMenocal, Latin America CEO Pablo Muñoz, LatAm president Paula Ferreira, and facultative reinsurance general, Andrew Laing.

“Our reinsurance capacities have been built on the strong foundations of local proficiency and market relationships, underpinned by a global focus to ensure we are dealing best practices and enabling to drive growth for insurers in each region we serve,” said Tim Ronda.

The newly elected reinsurance explanations global geographic governor added: “Whether enhancing their property disaster programmes or steering new forms of volatility around casualty, environment, and cyber, our new solutions for insurers will reach every nook of the globe, with the benefit of local aptitude.

“This new team of local leaders will benefit from the prior leadership, and the firm’s very deep existing and diverse skill root, as we continue to bring together proven talent from across the firm to fund our clients’ needs.”

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