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Assurant Launches An Embedded Insurance Platform

Assurant Product Experience Exchange (APEX), a turnkey technology delivery platform, enables Assurant clients to customize and leverage their insurance and shield it with protection programs, support, and services based on their omni-channel customer experiences.

About Assurant – Here is What The Company Works For

Assurant is a global business company headquartered in New York. It works for business solutions which works for several Insurtech companies and connects with consumers all around the globe.

The platform serves it’s clients in various fields of technology and industry such as mobile, retail, housing, and automotive industries all around the globe. On this platform clients can securely view the desired product API library , test and review data they provide through a self-service portal without any hurdles .

Assurant claims for flexibility provided to it’s customers to integrate in techniques that support best for their digital customer experience and internal resources.

With help of Assurant, clients can offer a number of products and services to customers, including insurance and protection products; claims management; tech support; trade-in offers, as well as pricing and analytics all merged in a single and reliable platform.

In previous year Assurant introduced its protection for electric vehicles (EVs). The company created this specifically for US owners who are massively using Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs), Assurant EV One Protection.

APEX recently invested in its current transformation of its technology platforms, which are especially designed to deliver “outstanding customer experiences that grow clients’ businesses.”

To this following investment, the team head of Assurant gave it’s view towards this investment in an interview.Keith Meier, COO, Assurant, said, “Automation and personalization through APIs and integrations with third-party providers will help our customers to drive revenue growth as consumers become increasingly comfortable with the idea of point-of-purchase add-ons . In fact, our research indicates that offering support and protection products at the point-of-purchase increases purchase intent by about 32%. APEX enables our clients to quickly and easily integrate these services without taxing already overburdened technology teams.”

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