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Aventus launches its own API Aggregator

Aventus launches its own API Aggregator

Aventus has very recently launched one aggregator API integrated with PCW (price comparison websites) to connect insurer/small broker to a broader technology ecosystem. This API aggregator integrates with all leading price comparison website through a single core platform. This product will allow firms to manage their aggregator account and distribute products on PCW via Aventus.

According to Aventus, this API aggregator will help in reducing the cost and time of individually integrating with each price comparison site. Clients can also increase their sales by distributing their product through multiple PCW sites as a part of Aventus core offering.

The platform is created to take away the burden of multiple platform integration it helps in fastest listing on different comparison site and that too through one single platform.

There is a symbiotic relationship that exists between AVENTUS API aggregator and PCW. Aventus enables PCW to get more panel members in a shorter period and ensure smooth connectivity between PCW and client.

If you are someone looking for aggressive growth in the insurance business, you can definitely go for API integration to promote growth.

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