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Aviva And Singlife To Join Hands For A Better Market Approach In Singapore

In Singapore, a new accelerator program is introduced fir supporting growth of InsurTech startups by Aviva and financial services company Singlife. The following program visions in developing scalable market solutions for innovation and transformation in the insurance sector.  

Singlife aims to leverage its expertise to provide opportunities for InsurTech-specific​​technical integration to create growth opportunities for the InsurTech ecosystem.

Employees here will gain access to Singlife’s product suite and insurance verticals, as well as personalized mentorship. It hopes this will enable them to accelerate their customer discovery.

 Thus, a total of eight companies will collaborate at first for implementing this strategy .It will provide regulatory and compliance support to it’s customers which will help in  effectively executing their go-to-market strategies.

Singlife and Aviva aims to provide support for new startups with more complex needs in the future demanded by the market.On this, the group head of Singlife, Varun Mittal said, “Customers are evolving and InsurTech have to enhance their offerings. Through strategic partnerships with InsurTech startups, we hope that Singlife Connect will provide the right tools and platforms for InsurTechs to grow with confidence and serve their customers with optimum impact.”

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