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AXA Partners And Atlanta Group On What Gives Rise To Great Coalitions

“When both teams feel they are helping as one, that’s when the partnership goes from strength to strength.”

Those were the phrases of Atlanta Group trading director Chris Jolley when he and AXA Partners UK & Ireland chief sales & diffusion officer Kelly Ward examined what it takes to make security partnerships work for the benefit of customers.

Atlanta Group – the name behind brands Autonet, Carole Nash, and Swinton – is a long-time ally of AXA Partners UK&I.

Lifting the lid on profitable connections, Ward asserted: “Great partnerships are built on shared values, communication, and collaboration. Partnerships always work best when there is a common belief between the parties, and finding those resemblances will strengthen the relationship.”

“Both businesses,” said Ward, about AXA Partners and Atlanta Group, “operate with a customer-centric approach. We work individually and collaboratively to rapidly adapt to consumers’ ever-changing needs, pre-empting their problems to offer convenient, forward-thinking solutions-focussed services.”

According to the chief sales & diffusion officer, AXA Partners has dedicated account managers who work closely with Atlanta Group – which is part of The Ardagh Group – daily and at all levels.

“Success doesn’t transpire overnight and there is a lot of planning, adapting, and testing that needs to take place before a product or service is ready for market,” stated Jolley. “It can be an evolution, but knowing that you are starting from a good base with shared goals and ways of working strengthens this process.

“You want to know that the partner you’re working with is agile and open-minded and it is imperative to maintain clear and consistent communication… When both teams feel they are working as one, that’s when the partnership goes from strength to strength.”

Meanwhile, Ward also cited the importance of constant assessment, understanding partners on both personal and business levels, continued mutual knowledge, and trust. He said: “Trust is an important mechanic to strengthen our collective capabilities and in turn leads to increased success.”

Atlanta Group uses AXA Partners’ roadside employment tool rescue.

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