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AXA Zeroes In On The New Digital Strategy

AXA has inaugurated a strategic program to build a digital commercial platform that will transform the insurer’s offering to commercial consumers in line with its Driving Progress 2023 strategic plan.

The digital commercial strategy aims to build an ecosystem of new services to tackle the fast-evolving protection needs of corporate clients by leveraging real-time data and analytics obtained through satellites, drones, and sensors in mixture with the group’s expertise in risk-prevention services and underwriting and claims capabilities.

The platform will feature two initial programs. AXA Climate is a data-based open ecosystem giving a range of sustainability services for large corporate customers and public and financial organizations. One such service, Climate School, is a digital knowledge platform where corporate clients can upskill their employees and prepare businesses for a sustainable transition. Only a year into operation, Climate School is now being used to train more than five million workers and has more than 40 registered large corporate clients.

AXA Smart Services is a network providing risk insights and risk supervision capabilities. It will offer new services to support commercial clients, such as allowing them to monitor all their fixed and in-transit assets in real-time while providing them access to tailored prevention and value-added services.

“We are at a tipping point in our innovation strategy,” said AXA chief policy and business development officer Georges Desvaux. “After having accelerated the development of our aptitude and our culture of innovation throughout the company, we now want to integrate a comprehensive, data-driven ecosystem of services across our key markets aligned with our main strategic priorities. The digital commerce platform is a quintessential manifestation of this strategy…. [It signals] a new step in our innovation journey aiming at continuously improving our offers and assistance for our clients.”

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