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BOXX Insurance Grabs $14.4mn In Series B

As per the current investment by the company Zurich, the company revealed about it’s growth which is uplifted 10 times more in the market. 5o which it also revealed about the making of it’s claims and underwritings

Last year in October, BOXX acquired its power on  Templarbit, a cybersecurity platform. The company is currently working on it’s integration with threat intelligence and framework for underwriting. 

Till the time of 2022, BOXX launched its Hackbusters Incident Response, virtual CISO service for businesses, a new mobile app solution for consumers, in addition to testing a number of new security-based initiatives for it’s customers to totally rely on and trust technology.

Things To Know About BOXX Insurance –

The privately held company was founded in 2018 and headquartered in Toronto is specialized in Cyber risk insurance, Artificial intelligence and other software technicalities. Their flagship product, CyberBOXX is the ultimate aid and security to cyber risk for small to medium sized businesses. Making world a digitally safer place is the aim of the company which has led to its presence with a great formed grip of it’s in the American market. Thus by the growth, BOXX increased its staff from 5 to 36 in the last year. To set itself more firm in the market, BOXX has also introduced the writing of it’s claims by the third party itself as per the new reports.

What Does The Leaders Say About This-BOXX co-founder and CEO Vishal Kundi said, “Our goal was always to help our customers stay ahead of cyber threats in addition to being there to help them respond and recover from an incident. We’ve been making a lot of headway with this and additional category expansion. We’re not only seeing more of our existing cyber insurance customers adding our security products, but also seeing new customers coming in attracted by our latest security products and services.”

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