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BTV Holds $34m For It’s Funding Recently For Working With Its New Strategy

Things To Know About BrokerTech Ventures –

BTV is an insurance based industry founded in 219 and headquartered in the nucleus of Des Moines. The company showcases major specialties in the sectors of Insurtech, Insurance technology, Acceleration, Insurance and Startups. Basically this platform provides a combined service of insurance with technology to come up with the most desirable solutions to it’s clients. The form provides access to veteran industry mentors to help scaling the technology of market.

The firm has recently has partnered with a leading InsurTech venture capital investor ManchesterStory Group to launch the BrokerTech Fund, LP, a venture capital fund focused on early-stage InsurTech companies developing broker-centric technology solutions for their clients as their market upliftment.

The company said this is the first fund of its type on the interviews related to this news.

Limited Partners of the $34m fund include firms like Holmes Murphy, M3 Insurance, Baldwin Risk Partners, UNICO Group, IMA Financial Group, Christensen Group, and The Graham Company in this step towards leading in the market.

What Are The Views Of Leading Members Of The Firm 

Dan Keough, Holmes Murphy chairman and CEO and BTV co-founder and co-CEO, said, “This is an exciting time for Holmes Murphy, BTV, and all of our partners who have worked tirelessly to get the BrokerTech Fund off the ground. We believe we’ve harnessed something special through the power of BTV. Now, using this new Fund as a catalyst for capital infusion, we’re even more bullish around the possibilities to change and innovate our industry even further and to impact the client experience even greater.” 

Dave Miles, Founding Partner of ManchesterStory, added, “We are thrilled to team up with the owners and partners of BTV to manage the BrokerTech Fund. BrokerTech Ventures brought front and center the voice of the broker community in InsurTech innovation. With today’s launch of the BrokerTech Fund, BTV once again breaks new ground with the first-ever venture fund backed by a consortium of leading insurance brokers dedicated to helping insurance brokers better serve the needs of their insurance customers through technology.”

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