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Carpenters Group Becomes Headline Sponsor Of Film Premiere

Insurance and legal services provider Carpenters Group has announced its sponsorship of the world premiere of Bolan’s Shoes on September 14 in Liverpool.

Produced by local independent production company Buffalo Dragon, the film promises to take audiences on a nostalgic journey through the glittering era of 1970s glam rock while touching upon the enduring legacy of childhood experiences and the deep bonds of sibling love.

Bolan’s Shoes features a narrative weaved around the music of Marc Bolan’s T. Rex, a band that pioneered the glam rock movement. The film, however, does not merely celebrate the iconic decade’s culture but delves into the poignant aftermath of a tragic road accident, reminiscent of Bolan’s own fate in 1977.

Donna Scully, director of Carpenters Group, expressed her enthusiasm for the sponsorship in a news release.

“When we were approached by Liverpool-based Buffalo Dragon about being headline sponsor for the premier of the wonderful movie Bolan’s Shoes and found out they would be supporting Sean’s Place, it was a no-brainer for John and me,” she said. “It ticks so many boxes for us with its huge connection to Liverpool, its support of the brilliant work Debbie and the team at Sean’s Place do to support mental health in Liverpool and supporting the arts which has taken a huge hit with the pandemic.”

Sean’s Place is a local charity that focuses on men’s mental health and offers access to social and therapeutic support in an environment that is non-clinical and free of judgment.

“We’ve worked with Sean’s Place since Debbie set it up during the pandemic so it’s wonderful to see them get the platform and support from this project,” Scully added. “We at Carpenters Group are very much looking forward to being involved.”

Terri Dwyer, co-owner of Buffalo Dragon and producer of Bolan’s Shoes also commented on the Carpenters’ sponsorship and said the company was a great match for the project.

“Sometimes you meet people, and you just know straight away that you’re all on the same page in trying to achieve the same thing and do something really special,” said Dwyer. “This was the feeling I got when I meet Donna Scully and her team at Carpenters Group. We are all delighted to be working with them.”

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