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Cayman Islands Reinsurers Form Industry Group

A group of reinsurance companies located in the Cayman Islands formed a new industry group, the Cayman International Reinsurance Companies Association (“CIRCA”).

Under its mission statement, CIRCA is “the industry group for commercial reinsurers located in the Cayman Islands, dedicated to fostering the industry through peer interaction, advocacy, and education on topics impacting the regulatory and business environment.”

Nathan Gemmiti, Chairman of CIRCA, commented, “the reinsurance industry has a strong history in the Cayman Islands. Market participants often interacted on matters that were important to the industry and have worked collaboratively with our regulators and other stakeholders. The founding members of CIRCA believe it is time to formalize the group and invite others to participate in advancing the reinsurance industry in Cayman.”

Graham Mackay, Vice Chairman of CIRCA, added, “it is a great time to be in the Cayman Islands. Cayman’s reinsurance industry has experienced growth as market participants seek a highly rated domicile with an established regulatory framework, a sophisticated workforce, and a great place to live.”

The founding members of CIRCA are Aureum Re, Barents Re, CIBC Cayman Reinsurance Ltd., Greenlight Re, Knighthead Annuity & Life Assurance Company, Nassau Re (Cayman) Ltd., and United Insurance Company.

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