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CFC Underwriting reveals latest R&W solution for transatlantic M&A transactions

CFC Underwriting, Specialist Insurance Provider is enlarging its transaction liability services with the launch of the latest solution invented to support North American businesses acquiring European or the UK targeted companies.

In a recent statement, CFC remarked that its latest suite of transaction liability product targets to fill the gap for brokers in the transatlantic mergers and acquisitions zone by providing North American buyers the representations and warranty (R&W) coverage and procedures they are accustomed to.

Adam Martin, CFC’s transaction liability team leader commented, “Groups undertaking M&A transactions within various jurisdictions can often face differences in insurance cover, terminology, drafting, and underwriting procedures.”

He added, “For example, when a North American buyer acquires a European, UK, or international mark, they may anticipate the transaction document to take an expected North American form and involves a usual R&W policy and underwriting procedure with which they are accustomed to. Advisers for the sellers and target, though they may prefer a more usual European, UK, or international method, and the transaction may be documented and arranged as such.”

He noted that it is vital for brokers to comprehend the degrees of both North American and European deals to accelerate a transatlantic underwriting procedure. He also added that through the latest solution CFC can comprehend and accommodate the asymmetries and complexities that develop in the transatlantic M&A procedures and can offer improved coverage under a North American style R&W policy.

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