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Chartered Insurance Institute Makes Key Nomination

Less than a week following the Chartered Insurance Institute’s (CII) apology over a cybersecurity incident, the professional body has now appointed a chief digital and information officer in the person of Mathew Mallett.

Joining from the UK Space Agency, Mallett will be in charge of delivering the IT (information technology) functions at the CII and Personal Finance Society (PFS). His focus will be on providing what was described as a “modern and progressive digital experience” for members, customers, and staff alike.

“It’s an exciting time to be joining the CII and PFS,” commented Mallett, who will be working with chief operating officer John Bissell.

“The rollout of a new relationship management system early next year will make a big difference to the customer and member experiences, and a keen focus on serving our members and customers better needs to run through every aspect of our digital and technology development. I’m looking forward to working with colleagues to achieve that aim.”

Meanwhile PFS interim chief executive Don MacIntyre said: “The PFS shares the ambition of the CII, to deliver an exceptional experience for our members and customers. I’m delighted to have Mat join the CII Group, bolstering the senior leadership and giving us the capacity to achieve our customer goals.”

For CII CEO Alan Vallance, there is room for improvement.

“Since arriving in August, I’ve had the opportunity to review how the CII serves its members and customers, and it is clear there’s an opportunity for improvement,” he stated.

“We are already in the process of transforming our customer and member experience, and Mat’s arrival, alongside our current COO, will sharpen our focus further, as part of our commitment to improving the way we deliver value for our members, learners, and corporate customers.”

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