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Chubb Expands Insurance Capabilities With New B2B2C Developer Portal

Things To Know About Chubb-

Chubb is considered among world’s largest property and casualty insurance companies. Currently the firm is expanding its insurance capabilities by introducing a new B2B2C developer portal to it’s platform. 

Looking at the background of the company, Chubb was founded in 1792 by Thomas Caldecott Chubb and his son Percy Chubb as a marine insurance company in New York City. At the beginning years of startup, they focused on providing insurance coverage for ships and cargoes delivered across the regions of Atlantic Ocean. Over the years Chubb expanded its offerings to include fire and burglary insurance to cater to the growing needs of its customers and reaches as one of the highest firm and took the stage.

The B2B2C developer portal is especially designed to streamline the integration process for Chubb’s partners which will easily allow them to access the platform easily making insurance a more easier and accessible for people.

Chubb’s goal with this expansion is to empower its partners and customers with a hold on their own digital offerings by leveraging Chubb’s insurance expertise and capabilities as mentioned above. In addition to the developer portal, the firm is also investing in advanced technology solutions like artificial intelligence and machine learning to fasten insurance claiming and provide more accuracy to it.

After this expansion, Chubb will take itself to more higher position in terms of insurance firm. Thus, Chubb’s B2B2C developer portal is all set to change and expand the way insurance products and services are offered to policyholders. 

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