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CII launches FutureMe, A Personalised Business Improvement Strategy

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) has launched a personalised career development platform for security and financial planning professionals.

FutureMe has been created in partnership with Abintegro, a provider of job empowerment technology. CII members can access FutureMe at no extra cost via the learning section of the MyCII portal.

The platform offers interactive tools and online lessons focused on career skills, including more than 5,000 videos, 800 e-learning bites and 14 personality assessments. Soft industry and IT skills alone have around 300 courses in FutureMe.

Gill White, chief customer officer of the CII, said the platform was conceptualised in response to feedback from professionals wanting more support on how they can meet the career ambitions they have for themselves.

“FutureMe enables professionals to specify where they are in their career today, encourages them to think about where they want to go next, and supports them to take that next step forwards,” White said. “This new content sits alongside occurring CPD content, online learning and technical qualifications from the CII, and members will be signposted to relevant content based on personalised skills gaps identified via the Professional Map.”

Aside from online knowledge, CII also put a prime on assessment and feedback at every step of vying for a job. For instance, the Career Pulse allows experts to evaluate themselves to see how employable they are and to identify weaknesses they need to work on.

The CV Builder compares an expert’s CW against more than 50 checks, while Interview 360 simulates an interview environment. Both features provide personalised feedback.

To top it off, FutureMe will also outline career opportunities, as well as offer career development advice from career trainers and hiring managers.

“To support this further, the CII’s board will – in the coming months – use consultation feedback to help inform its next five-year strategy to build on the long and proud history that underpins our Royal Charter to ‘secure and justify the confidence of the public’ in the insurance and personal finance profession,” White said.

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