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CLARA Analytics Launches AI Platform For General Liability Claims

Things To Know About CLARA-

The insurance based industry founded in 2017 is headquartered in Santa Clara. The privately held company holds specialties in sectors of workers ’compensation, occupation injuries, Insurtech, data science, predictive analysis, prescriptive analysis, machine learning, provider scoring, artificial intelligence, litigation models, commercial insurance, data informed, risk management and much more related to the same.

It is an AI service platform known as (AIaaS) provider that aims to improve casualty claims outcomes for commercial insurance carriers and self-insurance organizations.

The company’s product suite has programmed design of image recognition, natural language processing and other AI-based techniques to unlock insights from medical notes, bills and other documents involved with a claim to reduce frauds within and making them more accurate and centered to the actual terms and conditions. Thus, general liability completes its casualty lines risk and exposure platform to another level.

The newly launched AI platform is tailored specifically for general liability claims and works with machine learning algorithms to identify variables that correlate with litigation, medical escalation and other outcomes that drive higher costs and lead to the complex outcome of insurance.

Also as per the recent bulletins, CLARA was recognized as an InsurTech100 company, a prestigious list of the most innovative companies in the industry. It has helped insurance carriers achieve ROI of 500% or more while optimizing outcomes for injured parties and policyholders. 

What Are The Views Of Leading Members Of The Firm On This 

Heather H. Wilson, company CEO, said, “CLARA’s augmented intelligence consistently delivers outstanding return on investment for insurers and self-insured organizations in the commercial auto liability and workers’ compensation lines. We’re excited to solve claims challenges and elevate best practices for general liability carriers, including managing general agents and managing general underwriters, third-party administrators, reinsurers, and self-insured organizations.”

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