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Co- CEOs of Genasys on what the UK insurance industry is calling out for

The growth of Genasys is an example for other software insurance companies for how to find a solution for the hardiest business models rather than the other way around. Genasys is a problem-solving enterprise where André Symes was recently named co-CEO of the firm with Craig Oliver. Genasys has enjoyed Rapid International growth due to the industry partnerships built along the way, with each underpinned by that diagnostic approach. There is a lot of discussion within the Insurance sector and other industries like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain.

André Symes said that now the company has grown to 14 customers internationally. The customers have gone from being small startups to a quarter of a billion per year insurers. He also added that different big insurers are buying companies’ software internationally. In the next phase of action, Genesis will continue its shift from South Africa based on business with a small number of shareholders to set a continued international expansion site.

Oliver has said that the more you understand the problem, the more you can identify the approach to solve that problem without restoring to “tech for tech’s sake.” Oliver also added that over the years, they have created a great culture and creating a team that inspires customer-first capabilities and to do just much to enhance growth within the business.

Genasys uses its technology to improve the insurance experience and help inspire a better relationship between customers and the insurance company. Genasys is now supporting people in the US, South America, New Zealand, and Australia due to its broadening operational infrastructure.

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