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Coincover launches protection for cryptocurrency wallets

Coincover is offering technology against theft and loss for personal cryptocurrency wallets, backed by insurance from underwriters at Lloyd’s of London.

Coincover, a cryptocurrency security provider, has announced that its market-leading crypto security solution is now available to individual cryptocurrency wallet owners.

Coincover’s preventative technology is covered by a Lloyd’s of London insurance policy. Coincover’s new offer makes it safer for existing and new crypto investors to enter the market.

Coincover’s technology may be integrated into the offerings of cryptocurrency organisations such as exchanges, custodians, and wallet providers to give clients piece of mind that their funds are safe.

The plug-and-play technology, which supports over 200 different cryptocurrencies, was developed by government, military, and law enforcement experts.

Making cryptocurrency safer for everyone 

Crypto crime accounted for a record-breaking US$14 billion in blockchain transactions in 2021, according to a report from blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis. The value of unlawful transactions in 2021 was nearly double that of criminal blockchain activity in 2020, which totaled US$7.8 billion.

Personal Cryptocurrency Protection from Coincover is a combination of technologies that safeguard, secure, and recover digital assets. To secure bitcoin users, its unique Hack Checker technology detects suspicious behaviour, such as unauthorised transactions between digital wallets, and analyses consumer activities.

David Janczewski the CEO at Coincover said, “ today the biggest barrier to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies is a lack if adequate protection. This barrier has slowed the adoption of digital currencies and is something we are addressing at Coincover.”

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