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Collingwood Insurance Receives Recognition For ‘Exceptional’ Work Culture

Collingwood Insurance, a national provider of learner driver insurance, has received the Advanced Award Good Work Pledge from the North of Tyne Combined Authority (NTCA).

The Good Work Pledge was established in 2020 to recognize organizations that uphold the principles of “valuing and rewarding your workforce, promoting health and wellbeing, effective communications, and representation, developing a balanced workforce, and demonstrating social responsibility.”

The recognition comes to Collingwood amid continuous efforts to implement a range of initiatives to better acknowledge employee contributions, actively support the physical and mental health of its staff, and develop a work culture that prioritizes employee wellbeing.

In particular, the NTCA said it is recognizing Collingwood for its “exceptional dedication to fostering a work environment that prioritizes employee welfare and community betterment.”

Collingwood’s head office is in North Tyneside. It joins over a hundred other North East organizations that have received the Good Work Pledge accreditation from the NTCA.

HR director Laura Chappell commented on the achievement and said it is “a real source of pride for us.”

“Our corporate values are rooted in integrity, collaboration, and making a positive impact and this is a testament to that,” she said. “The recognition highlights our ongoing dedication to not only our staff but also to our continual investment in North Tyneside and the wider region.”

Jamie Driscoll, mayor of North of Tyne, commended the dedication exhibited by the companies and charitable organizations participating in the Good Work Pledge Initiative, emphasizing the distinction between having a job and having quality employment.

“There are jobs and there are good jobs,” said Driscoll. “They’re not always the same thing. Do they pay enough? Are they secure? Are there opportunities to learn and develop and are staff fairly represented?”

The mayor added: “As we stare down the barrel of a cost-of-living crisis, good work matters more than ever. Thank you to those companies and charities that have taken the pledge. Every employer in the region should aspire to be a good employer. Every employer should sign our Good Work Pledge.”

The NTCA’s Good Work Pledge initiative is open to all employers and provides a roadmap for organizations looking to enhance their employment practices while contributing to their communities.

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