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Convex Parts with SCOR to Secure Post-Brexit EU Access

International specialty insurer and reinsurer Convex Group has hit an arrangement with French underwriter SCOR which will permit it to continue to access markets in the European Union after Brexit.

In a statement, Convex said that it had entered into a strategic relationship with SCOR Europe SE, a specialty insurance risk carrier established in France, to ensure, in most instances, that we can continue to support our clients with exposures inside the EEA (European Economic Area).

The statement added that the firm is also working to ensure it has a fully regulated insurance solution in place within the EEA for us to write business for the long term.

Convex added, “this has a number of moving parts and is something we want to make sure is robust for all of our clients with EEA coverage needs and we will have this in place during 2021. As soon as we have further news on this we will let you know”.

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