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CyberCube And Kroll Launch Cyber Incident Response Service

Through a new partnership with Kroll, CyberCube has launched a cyber incident response service for clients of the company’s SaaS products

In collaboration with Kroll, a provider of data, technology, and insights relating to risk, governance, and growth, CyberCube, a cyber risk analytics company, has introduced a new cyber incident response service.

The Cyber Aggregation Event Response Service (CAERS), as it is known, will offer clients with information and recommendations on major cyber aggregation occurrences. Kroll will give frontline threat intelligence derived from its tens of thousands of incident response cases each year.

“We’re thrilled to be contributing to CAERS since successful incident response depends on the most current and relevant threat intelligence available,” said Benedetto Demonte, Chief Operating Officer for Kroll’s Cyber Risk business. In our most recent Threat Landscape Report, we noticed a 356 percent increase in the number of assaults involving a zero-day or recently-announced software exploit from quarter to quarter. Ransomware gangs have also been discovered using freshly discovered vulnerabilities just days after they were made public. Firms can only prioritise resources, limit the danger of a cyberattack, and respond correctly if the worst happens if they have access to frontline intelligence.”

Providing a growing client base with improved cyber incident response

Cybercube was founded as a distinct company within Symantec in 2015 and is now solely focused on the insurance market. For the insurance industry, the company provides analytics to estimate cyber risk.

The company’s cloud-based software aids insurance companies in making judgments about insurance placement, cyber risk underwriting, and risk aggregation management. The enterprise intelligence layer of CyberCube delivers information on millions of enterprises throughout the world, as well as modelling on thousands of points of technology failure.

“With cyber events becoming more regular, the speed and accuracy with which organisations respond to them is crucial,” said Darren Thomson, CyberCube’s Head of Cyber Intelligence Services. That’s why we’ve created this response service, which is customised exclusively to CyberCube’s growing client base.

During a large cyberattack, the pressure on our clients can be tremendous. Our team of data scientists, actuaries, engineers, economists, and cyber security professionals will become an extension of our clients’ teams with CAERS, providing them with the updates they require and sharing both our expertise and data.”

Portfolio Manager, Broking Manager, and Account Manager are CyberCube’s products for insurance intermediaries and risk carriers. Following a big cyber event, the CAERS team will provide the most up-to-date information to CyberCube’s clients, while CyberCube’s SaaS solutions, such as Broker Manager, Account Manager, and Portfolio Manager, will aid in the response to any looming cyber disaster.

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