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DesignCon 2020 to Host 100+ Sessions & 14 Tracks in Silicon Valley

 design-con-bannerIn this future technology, the electronics industry has set its foot on to success ladder. By the year-end, it may hit nearly $ 1,680 billion anytime. DesignCon presents an event this January on boards, largest chip, and systems in the Silicon Valley for the 25th year. This will be a three-day event and is considered as the premier educational conference and technology exhibition.

Moreover, this event shall bring some of the brightest and most innovative minds together across all the high-speed communications and semiconductor industries searching for future technical engineers.  DesignCon is the future innovation that will be continued till ears for the practical needs and is created by engineers for engineers.

From conducting 100+ sessions until spanning 14 tracks, this 2020 conference includes mostly the important aspects to be taught during the event. The invitees are from more than 175 growing companies having a 14-track educational conference and enough opportunities to grow a network with 5000 industry professionals.

design-conThe DesignCon is the ultimate destination for all the system engineers, who aspires to stay one step ahead in their dream. A premier educational conference event is the must-visit for all technical related persons where the gain isn’t just theoretical but shows the practicality of a particular innovation.

The Expo of DesignCon will start from 29th January to 30th January 2020 from 11 am onwards. The conference is dated from 28th January till 30th January 2020 from 9 a.m. onwards and the registration procedure begins from 28th January till 30th January 2020 from 7 a.m. onwards.


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