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Detroit Auto Show Announced on June 6-20, 2020

Car manufacturers have this huge amount of excitement with the beginning of a new year in order to display their company’s innovations in the market. Car shows have always been all about top speed, horsepower, engine capacity, and other such things. This hustle starts taking its place in the month of June in Detroit so that it can be further taken to the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).

Detroit Auto Show 2020

With the beginning of this new car show, Detroit once again comes in the spotlight. If we take a look at the last year, the time didn’t prove to be great for the American car business. Sergio Marchionne, the visionary CEO of Fiat Chrysler passed away in the month of July. One of the oldest car manufacturers General Motors announced that they will cut their entire workforce by 15 percent, which is a huge number, for a company this big.

Dustin P. Walsh, the senior reporter at Crain’s Detroit Business, stated, “The Detroit show — along with all shows — is facing automakers’ changing tastes in how they unveil products in the digital age. They are no longer looking to auto shows as their primary vehicle to unveil a new product.”

If we look at Detroit auto show it has witnessed a huge change in the whole auto industry, be it in the terms of technology or in the terms of innovation. Though the Detroit Auto show is one of its kinds, from next year onwards this would change completely.

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