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Evertree Takes Up Power On An Illinois Based Firm Gnade

Evertree Insurance, has acquired rights and powers on Illinois-based Gnade Insurance Group for an amount which isn’t disclosed yet. According to Coverager, Gnade Insurance Group is a finance based firm that offers a huge variety of insurance coverage options for organizations and individuals.

Alex Tuff, the CEO and founder of Evertree said, “We are amazed and honoured to welcome all 27 employees at Gnade onto the Evertree Platform. It is very impressive what the Gnade have built from infrastructure to distribution. We look forward to integrating the firm and rolling out new tools and technology that will bring a best-in-class experience for employees, brokers, and clients.

To this Gerard Gnade,  Gnade head of personal lines and founder of Gnade claimed in an interview that, ”We have focused on building out the next generation of employees and brokers where technology, tools, and social impact are critical. Joining Evertree will be the catalyst we need to position us to be a leading agency that is at the forefront of the industry. Our decision to partner with Evertree was driven by their strong cultural fit and tools they bring to the table. We did not even consider going to another firm – it just felt right. We now have a very clear plan for how we will thrive for the next 30 years.”

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