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Malcolm Roberts

FM Global Named Malcolm Roberts as President

FM Global, the global commercial property insurer, made an announcement that Executive Vice President Malcolm C. Roberts has been appointed as president and elected to the FM Global’s board of directors, which will be effective from Aug 1st, 2021. He will take over Thomas A. Lawson as CEO will effective from Jan 1st, 2022. Thomas A. Lawson will retire at the end of the year 2021.

Roberts has previously served as Executive Vice President. He joined the mutual insurance company in 1995 as a loss prevention consultant in London after working as a chemical engineer. He has held different management positions within the company around various parts of the world and was appointed to his current position in FM Global in 2018. Roberts was Eastern Division Manager also and will be responsible for FM Global’s operational and strategic direction, which has the US $10.2 trillion of business property in more than 130 countries.

Lawson said that Malcolm has the right balance of leadership skills and vision, understanding our corporate culture. He said he is excited about the company’s steps, which it will take in the future.

Lawson has been in FM Global for 42 years and will remain Chairman of the company’s board of directors till Dec 31st, 2021. Since then, he became the company’s CEO in 2014, and he is also executive vice president. He has supported the company to grow from $ 5.6 billion to $7.4 billion in annual revenue and $ 11 billion to $18.4 billion in policyholders’ surplus.

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