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Fraud Detection in Insurance

FRISS Partners With Eviid To Help Prevent Insurance Fraud By Authorizing Digital Media

FRISS, a prominent provider of AI inbuilt risk and fraud solutions declared their alliance with eviid, providing innovative evidential video technology to risk-conscious industries. With this partnership, FRISS  could furnish P&C insurers to raise the number of avoided claims and encounter manipulations in digital footage in real-time.

Especially in the existing culture of working from home (WFH), the availability of solutions that facilitate the perpetual succession of businesses is crucial. Such solutions can eliminate the requirement to go onsite for interviews or investigations by replacing it with smart visual verification.

Such solutions can certify and verify DNA or a fingerprint, and furnishes this evidence in order to run a detailed fraud analysis by synthesis to avoid data with predictive models, expert perception rules and internal and external data sources to build the risk record for each claim.

The integration of different digital solutions generates a lot of information that is provided directly to FRISS, building a more precise and valid FRISS Score. This saves insurers time by both raising the number of avoided claims as well as from investigating on location.

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