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Internet Security

Global Reinsurer Munich Re partners with Spectrum Labs to focus on AI safety systems

Global Reinsurer Munich Re has partnered with Spectrum Labs, to focus on a new industry standard for the safety of customers.

Spectrum Labs offers technology to consumer internet brands to make it easy to identify toxic behavior online. This partnership will benefit their customers and manage their risks as it will continue to focus on its goal to make the internet a more valuable and safer place.

This partnership highlights Spectrum Labs’ integrity by including a financial component to guarantee the performance of their behavior detection and identification technology.

Greg Barats, Senior Executive at Munich Re and President & CEO of HSB said, “We are pleased to support Spectrum Labs in their battle against toxic online content by assisting the performance of their AI solution. Our added value in this journey showcases the potential of our product aiSure. This partnership will help to give a clear sign to Spectrum’s clients of credibility and trust.”

Justin Davis, CEO, and co-founder of Spectrum Labs said, “We are proud to be the first company in the trust and safety sector to receive backing from the world’s leading insurance and reinsurance company. Munich Re’s independent validation of spectrum’s technology will help to provide customers extra peace of mind that our technology reduces toxic behavior online. “Setting up a standard for safety and trust in this way is important because toxic behaviors erode user experience, negatively impact revenue, and can also lead to de-platforming.”

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