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Hartford partners with Tractable

Hartford partners with Tractable to accelerate claims processing with artificial intelligence

The Hartford has associated itself with a technologically driven company Tractable to investigate auto industry-related damages covered under its US accident coverage scheme.

The company is currently using an AI engine made by Tractable that itself makes use of computer vision to evaluate photographs of vehicle damage. The AI-based technology comprehends vehicle damage the same way a human being does and returns the result based on evaluation when the customer submits photographs.

This tech-friendly system can reduce the case handling time from days to minutes, as per sources

“We are excited and happy to announce this collaboration,” said Alex Dalyac, CEO of Tractable. “We consider this to be a demonstration of our capability per se or can be termed as our ability to build consumer trust in our service. Computer vision is advanced technology accelerating mishap recuperation. We are here to reap the benefit of this glorified association.”

Tractable was established in 2015 and has since raised up to $55 million through venture financing. It has transacted more than $1 billion in auto insurance claims for companies like Tokio Marine, Covéa, and Admiral.

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