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How Kynd’s technology is making managing cyber risks easier

We take a look at Kynd, whose cyber-risk tools provide insight into cyber risk exposure while mitigating insured’s risk exposure with continuous alerts 

Kynd is a cyber risk start-up with a mission to make complicated cyber risks understandable and manageable.

According to the firm, its technology helps insurers, brokers, and their clients assess, understand, and manage cyber threats more easily and quickly. Recognizing that one size does not fit all, Kynd has created custom InsurTech products that may be used by any size company. 

Kynd’s cyber-risk management tools not only help speed up cyber policy sales, renew policies faster, and control client risk, but they also help underwriters make better decisions by removing complexity, providing instant insight into cyber risk exposure, and mitigating insured risk exposure with continuous monitoring and alerts.

Making the cyber insurance market more efficient 

Since June 2020, the company, founded in March 2018 by Andy Thomas and Melanie Hayes, has grown by 1000 percent in yearly recurring revenue and formed agreements with high-profile insurers and brokers, including Beazley, Howden, Paragon, and Alliant.

“At KYND, we are on a mission to provide the increasingly-vital cyber risk management solutions to drastically simplify and improve the cyber insurance process,” stated Andy Thomas, CEO. Our industry-first API-based technology, which gives actionable risk information, is making the cyber-insurance market more efficient and well-prepared to deal with the onslaught of attacks that small and mid-market businesses are facing.”

Providing access to real-time insights on cyber risks 

KYND ON, the company’s flagship continuous cyber risk monitoring tool, has just released a new rewind risk history function, aimed to assist businesses achieve greater control and visibility over complex cyber threats.

For the first time, KYND ON users will have access to real-time visibility into their cyber risk exposure, as well as notifications to new dangers as they emerge, as well as the option to rewind and analyse their cyber risk history.

His special KYND ON feature shows the history of existing cyber risk vulnerabilities, allowing businesses to quickly and easily track changes in their cyber risk profile. This helps to minimise potential blind spots and gives firms a holistic view of what happened, where it happened, and what exactly sparked the change, as well as mitigation suggestions if necessary.

“With today’s ever-growing attack surface and the sophistication level of threat actors, it’s critical for enterprises to take full advantage of threat intelligence data available to protect themselves,” Thomas said. KYND customers now have a continuous, 360-degree view of their cyber risk exposure thanks to our newly launched risk history capability, which provides full transparency into their threat environment, alerts them on new vulnerabilities as they arise, and identifies changes in their risks – allowing them to defend more proactively.”

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