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Hyperexponential And Send Announce Strategic Partnership

Hyperexponential And Send Announce Strategic Partnership

Hyperexponential and Send have announced a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing the pricing process for insurers.

According to InsurTech Insights, this collaboration will seamlessly integrate hyperexponential’s hx Renew platform with Send’s underwriting workbench.

The integration is designed to enhance underwriters’ efficiency and accuracy in pricing decisions, ultimately driving business success for insurers.

Both companies are committed to improving the efficiency and accuracy of underwriting and pricing processes.

Their partnership leverages shared expertise in the Specialty & Commercial sector.

The collaboration has already proven successful in trials with live customers, showcasing its potential to streamline complex processes.

Hyperexponential specializes in advanced pricing decision intelligence solutions. Its hx Renew platform enhances pricing strategies, enabling insurers to make more informed and precise pricing decisions.

Send offers advanced underwriting workbench capabilities, helping underwriters manage complex processes efficiently and reducing the need for manual data entry and system switching.

Andy Moss, CEO and co-founder at Send, highlighted the significance of the partnership, stating, “The emerging insurance ecosystem thrives on partnerships between innovative companies, working together to provide industry-leading solutions for their customers and streamline complex, time-consuming processes.”

“This partnership further enriches our award-winning Underwriting Workbench, giving customers seamless access to hyperexponential’s intelligent pricing models, without having to switch between systems or manually re-key data. We’ve already seen this partnership in action with several global insurance carriers and look forward to helping other insurers reap the benefits.”

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