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IAT’s Lindsay Spann Spotlights Current Trends In Insurance Recruitment And Retention

The insurance industry’s primary priority is consistently finding and keeping great people. Lindsay Spann, employee engagement specialist at IAT Insurance Group, discussed recent trends in the talent and recruitment space during a roundtable discussion that aired on IB TV.

The desire to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture, according to Spann, has undoubtedly been one of the most recent trends in recent years. “I believe that businesses are searching for approaches to truly comprehend the core of what their culture symbolizes. And I believe that before building upon and improving what they are trying, companies should really take a more holistic look of it and really examine where they are today.

Additionally, according to Spann, hiring managers are increasingly looking for applicants who will go above and beyond simply fitting into a company’s culture. Instead of just looking for “culture fit,” she claimed that recruiters are also looking for “culture add.”

We don’t hire people who can just show up and perform the tasks and requirements listed because we have a different mindset. Currently, we are searching for applicants who can contribute to the culture, whether that be through a diverse point of view, background, colour, gender, or sexual orientation. All aspects of diversity are currently being discussed extensively, but the focus should truly be on hiring from a different perspective. As things go on, consider “How can someone add to the culture that we have” as opposed to “How can someone fit into what we’ve been doing.”

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