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IBM’s Annual Business and Technology Conference – Think 2020 to Host Redesigned Curriculum in San Francisco

The annual IBM business and technology conference, Think 2020 will host the redesigned curriculum on May 4 – 7, 2020 in San Francisco, USA. Over the fours days, the conference will provide attendees with an opportunity to acquire hands-on experience with the latest advancements in open technologies from hybrid multicloud to data and AI.

The event will host many luminaries who are latest advancements and technologies to transform their businesses and address pressing business concerns and technical needs. IBM first time event is going to host tailored passes for the event that varies as per your specific requirements. The Discover Pass focuses primarily on business insights, whereas the Full Conference Pass acts as a key to exploring the entire curriculum including technical sessions, labs, certifications, and more.

The event will reimagine how you connect with the world leaders and experts as it is designed in a such a way that you can easily connect with the people important to you in a natural way. Think will pave two paths of learning for attendees with separation of technology and business topics which will shape 1,500 educational sessions.

Firstly, technology path carve out technology and innovation with several subtopics such as Automation, Blockchain, Cloud, Code, Data and AI, HR and Talent, Infrastructure, Internet of Things, Mobile, Security, and Supply chain. Secondly, business path will revolve around topics covering most open & secure public cloud for business, modernization of business applications, secure technology transformation, data drive AI Journey, engagement with great customer experiences, security fabric of businesses, hybrid cloud infrastructure and market disruption with innovative, commercial tech.

Through Think 2020, IBM provides delegates an opportunity drive their business to greater returns with the full potential of cloud taking strategic and thoughtful steps toward unlocking the true value of cloud. This year, the event will provide insights on how unifying systems, architecture and development processes within an organization enables businesses to modernize in ways that deliver real returns.

This 4-days of confluence provides a better journey to smarter businesses with the right expertise and secure, AI-rich applications through various expert sessions and insights to amplify your organization’s unique purpose and drive sustained growth. Attendees will also receive $500 discount if they register before the deadline mentioned on the event website.  

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