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Auto Data Exchange

IMS Launched Vehicle Data Exchange Platform

Leading connected car data solutions provider IMS launched a new service that provides users with real-time access to vehicle insights and mobility data irrespective of vehicle brands, models, and telematics technology embedded into automobiles. This is possible due to the OEM-embedded hardware.

 The Vehicle Data Exchange eased the problem of managing multiple aftermarket data collection sources and align various OEM partnerships. The user can get the data very easily that is intelligently improvised and sorted with the help of a configurable interface.

“The IMS Vehicle Data Exchange works across brands, models, and telematics technologies to fully connect all users,” said Leon Hurst, CEO, Mobility Division for IMS.

HE further added, “Unified access to both OEM embedded telemetry and any aftermarket sensor ensures fleet managers, insurers, and vehicle owners have total control via the only one-stop solution available in the market. By providing our customers with immediate access to live, actionable data and insights, their focus can shift to operationalizing the value they bring, proactively growing revenues, and improving customer experiences.” The platform is proved to be beneficial for the customers in UK and EU. IMS plans to provide Vehicle Data Exchange in North America for that customer programs are being developed with insurance providers.

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