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InsurTech Company Blink Parametric Has Partnered With Sanctifly, A Travel Wellness Subscription Platform, To Drive Real-Time Flight Delay Benefits.

Sanctifly will now provide travellers with points if their flight is delayed by two or more hours. These points can be redeemed by the stuck passengers to have an access for travel benefits including airport lounge passes, gym or swimming pool access, or airport massage.

It’s membership app will provide travellers an access to relaxation and fitness options at airports around the globe. Users are also given customized advice, hints, tips, hacks and information on how to spend between one and six hours of a delay or layover before, after or between flights at 175 international airports to make them take out some use of their spare time.

Passengers can select and have an access to runs , pools , spas and gym zones, meditation and yoga spaces, lounges, shower and sleep facilities and healthy places to eat. They can redeem hotels’ fitness, wellness and relaxation facilities without having to book a room.

In this, up to eight return flights per membership year will be eligible for Flight Delay Benefit (FDB). Blink’s technology will monitor the flight in real-time and will automatically notify the Sanctifly system and traveller when a two-hour flight delay occurs. This then awards the customer with 100 Sanctifly points too.On this, Parametric chief commercial officer of Blink, Carl Carter said, “We knew for some time that we wanted to work with Sanctifly, as our respective travel service offerings readily complement each other. It will be a greatly designed dynamic experience for the customers. It was pretty much plug and play, which led to a perfect launch.”

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