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Insurtech Thumped To Help MS Amlin Unit Fill A Demand Gap

Lloyd’s (re)insurer MS Amlin Underwriting Limited (MS AUL) has partnered with insurance Altium to roll out a battery power storage system (BESS) building all risk and operational all risk insurance offerings.

“We’re thrilled to have MS Amlin Underwriting Limited partner with us to furnish BESS operational all risk and building all risk solutions, part of our wider portfolio of products and assistance across the battery value chain, which includes contracts on BESS and electric vehicles,” said Altelium co-founder Ed Grimston, whose firm powers AI-powered (artificial intelligence) data analytics in giving insurance for batteries.

In its statement, MS AUL cited the challenge faced by mortar storage companies in securing insurance and said it aims to fill the chasm via the Altelium tie-up.

Commenting on the coalition, MS AUL natural resources head Julian Samuel stated: “We’ve partnered with Altelium, a consultant in this sector, because of their deep specialized proficiency and expertise within the battery market. I’m pleased that through this partnership, we are fiddling a part in the effort to combat climate change.”

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