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INZMO CEO Meeri Savolainen on Insurtech & Innovation

Meeri Savolaninen is the CEO and the co-founder of INZMO, one of the Germany’s most successful insurtechs and is a passionate advocate for insurtech innovstion 

As the CEO and the co- founder of the Berlin- based rental and property insurtech, INZMO, Meeri Savolainen is enjoying the challenge of a rapidly changing marketplace. She tells us what inspires her and why a good work ethic is essential to success.

Who was your childhood hero and why? 

My parents, to be precise. They’ve always been a huge influence on me as well as a huge supporter. My mother grew up in a poor family with few of the possibilities and privileges that many of us take for granted. She was a diligent worker who was also practical and straightforward. In retrospect, her work ethic was incredible, and seeing what she accomplished was truly motivating. This has had a significant impact on me and my desire to succeed.

My father instilled in me the ability to see the world through the lens of comedy. He has a way with words, is a fantastic storyteller, and is quite interesting to listen to. His razor-sharp humour and uncanny ability to make people laugh never fail to captivate audiences.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received? 

Before starting any project, the best piece of advise I received was to ask myself, “Why are you/we doing this?”

It’s not so much what you do in business as it is why you do it, and I’ve applied this to both my professional and personal lives. It helps you tune out the noise around you, gives your activities a purpose and meaning, and drives you to achieve whatever objective you’re pursuing. This is how I communicate company goals to my staff, ensuring that we are all on the same page and highly motivated.

What activities are you most looking forward to doing once life gets back to normal?

Before the epidemic, I had planned to travel around Asia and the United States, and I’m excited to do so again. I’m also a big fan of the arts, and they’ve always played a large role in my life. I enjoy classical music and opera, as well as going to the theatre on a regular basis, with a special fondness for comedy acts.

In my own country of Estonia, we have a plethora of great young actors who, like others throughout the world, have been affected by theatre closures. It’s critical that we support our local arts venues, and as soon as it’s safe to do so, I’ll be back in the theatre and opera houses.

Is there a personal achievement from the past 12 months of which you are particularly proud? 

I’ve learned to be more patient on a personal level! I’ve been used to quick solutions, being always on, and having the same expectation of my teams as a fast-growing company and working in digital insurtech, which promotes hyperspeed.

The epidemic, on the other hand, altered every aspect of our working lives. Because I wasn’t working with colleagues in person anymore, I wasn’t always aware of their personal situations or how they were adapting to deal with unforeseen obstacles brought on by the crisis.

Since a result, it was critical for us all, especially the senior team members, to be better listeners, more sensitive of unique situations, and aware of the need for flexible working patterns, as we discovered it had a direct impact on creativity levels.

What inspires you in insurtech today?

 The potential for new technologies and technology to alter the insurance industry is enormous, and there are numerous ways to provide value in the industry right now. There is a definite chance for consumers to profit greatly from digitisation, and because it is still in its infancy compared to other

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