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James Cowen joins insurtech Humn as Chief Commercial Officer

With over 10 years of experience . James Cowen is joining Humn, an advanced real-time insurer, as Chief Commercial Officer 

James Cowen has joined Humn, a real-time Insurtech firm, as Chief Commercial Officer, bringing with him six years of mobility experience and ten years in finance.

Humn is a data-driven fleet insurance management solution that aims to shake up the industry’s fundamentals. Humn puts the tools in the hands of its customers to control the fleet’s exposure on a daily basis by using artificial intelligence (AI) to produce real-time solutions.

James Cowen, as Chief Commercial Officer, will collaborate closely with Mark Musson, the company’s CEO, on the company’s commercial strategy, both in terms of planning and implementation. James will be in charge of coordinating strategic alliances and company growth while also maintaining a strong “across the board” position in terms of capacity planning and fundraising.

An experienced leader with an understanding of the industry 

James began his career in finance, first in accountancy at Deloitte and later in investment banking at Greenhill. He is well-versed in the differences between a good and bad business, acquisitions, fundraising, and finally working with C-level executives at small and large companies. Most recently, as VP of Corporate Development & International at Cargo, James spearheaded the company’s engagement with Uber, which resulted in a US$32 million Series A fundraising round in September 2018.

‘If Humn could offer even 20% of what they desired, the opportunity would be huge, and that is why I’m so happy to be joining the team at such an exciting time,’ says James Cowen, Chief Commercial Officer of Humn. The relationship between the insurer and the insured is being examined for the first time in this business.

Tracking behavior in real-time 

Rideshur, the company’s platform, is on a mission to improve road safety by tracking thousands of environmental and behavioural data points in real-time and offering world-leading transportation risk modelling skills.

Rideshur has already decreased accidents by 65 percent, saving consumers up to 20% on insurance rates, according to Humn. Rideshur uses an easy-to-use online interface to disclose driving risk trip by trip, allowing fleet management and their drivers to monitor and reduce risk by improving driving behaviour. It offers real-time hints and tips, as well as pertinent training modules, to help drivers improve their on-road skills and save money on their insurance costs.

In January 2022, Humn purchased Walsingham Motor Insurance, which will help to grow Humn’s four-year-old data-driven platform and completely alter the way commercial fleet insurance is done.

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