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Jeff Cunningham is starting his new journey with UCPM.

UPCM is a leading specialty insurance wholesaler and program manager where environmental risk specialist Jeff Cunningham has started on a new adventure with UCPM. He joined UCPM in May 2021 as vice president of facility casualty and transportation.

Jeff has over 20 plus years of experience in the insurance industry. He has served in several leadership roles with several leading brokerage firms, such as Burns & Wilcox, Marsh & McLennan, America Risk Management Resources (ARMR), HUB International and Willis Towers Watson.

Jeff’s insurance experience has been mainly focused on environmental insurance, including developing an insurance division at a wholesale insurance brokerage in Florida. He has served as both wholesaler and retail brokerage throughout his career. He was also named top full-selling broker of the year at the Rachel Coughlin 2017 Insurance Business America Awards.

Jeff said he started having conversations with UCPM back in the spring of this year. UCPM is a wholesale broker that specializes exclusively in environmental insurance, and since that’s his specialty, he felt like UPCM was a good match for him. UCPM is a solid company with a great reputation in the insurance industry. They have creative ideas, and they are always looking for a new way to differentiate them from other wholesalers in the market. He thinks they are an environmentally only shop that sets them aside as experts in this space, and they back that up with constant marketing and education for both retail agents and end clients.

The president of UCPM, Tim Clegg, said any organization would be much improved by adding that someone like Jeff’s company is fortunate to add that such a talented and experienced personal company and retail partners will love working with him.

Environmental insurance is one of those areas that are sometimes hard to sell, especially when it comes to mid-size or smaller organizations if they have no contractual requirement to purchase a policy to help agents to get pass through that UCPM agents with environmental risk overviews for various industry sector and policy types which contain several claim scenarios and example that helps to illustrate the risk.

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