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K2 Insurance Services reveals the acquisition of Montana’s Insuretech Loss Run Pro

K2 Insurance Services reveals the acquisition of Montana-based insurtech Loss Run Pro (LRP).

Loss Run pro was founded in early 2020 by Reghan Brandt. It focuses on utilizing technology to solve problems across the insurance placement procedure.

K2 finds this as a quality acquirement that will offer development opportunities all over the US.

About the efficiency of Loss Run Pro technology and broader approach, Mark Smith, President of K2 said, “After checking demos of countless Insuretech tools, Loss Run Pro is the best we have seen because it utilizes technology to solve meaningful problems of the insurance placement procedure and simplifies that procedure for all users and parties.”

Robert Kimmel, CEO of K2 echoes this statement, saying, “As CEO of K2, I am always looking for innovative and unique technologies that can enhance our customers’ experience; Loss Run Pro was a sensible fit for the specialty market.”

Brenden Corr, Senior Director of Business Development for Loss Run Pro will work closely with Brandt to build and enlarge relationships with brokers and carriers both nationally and internationally.  Expressing her approval of the new acquisition with K2, Brandt said, “Robert Kimmel and the entire management team of K2 is innovative, forward-thinking and dynamic. They believed in Loss Run Pro since our first demo and have added significant depth to our company.”

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