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Liberty General introduced AI-based Automated Car Inspections

Liberty General Insurance has developed an AI-based Automated Car Inspections with the help of Inspektlabs which is a computer vision technology platform focused on automation of inspections for any physical assets. The platform will increase the pace of the car inspection process, which is currently dominated by manual inspections.

The customer needs to upload capture photos or videos of a car and upload them on the platform. The artificial intelligence-based inspection of the photos and videos will be done by the platform. Then the platform will generate an automated inspection report covering damage and claim assessment. The service will drastically increase the productivity as well as the accuracy of the claim settlement process. It will be cost-efficient and save time.

Mr. Roopam Asthana, CEO & Whole Time Director, Liberty General Insurance said, “We have been working with partners for almost two years now to automate our car inspection process. Through this partnership, we have developed an efficient and elegant product, which will help us reduce cost and time required for motor inspections significantly. This capability will further enhance customer experience with the lower turnaround on claims and renewals.”

The platform also has specialized features for the detection of fraud which also includes prior detection and hidden damages. The company aims to make customer experience efficient by creating more AI-based products.

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