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Lost Jobs amid Pandemic

Lost Jobs amid Pandemic are keeping American People Uninsured

Covid-19 has hit the economy so hard. The uncertainty around the recovery of the economy is costing many jobs. It has become months and the majority of the people in this world are under lockdown condition. Many people have lost their jobs, facing a pay cut, or surviving on no salary. In this situation people are spending only on the things they need to survive and insurance doesn’t come in the list of survival need’s list.

Vice president for health care coverage and access with the Commonwealth Fund said that due to the ongoing job loss many people will lose the capacity to afford health care in this global pandemic crisis. The importance of ensuring the health care of citizens of the U.S no matter what they do as a job.

Between May 13 and June 2 around 2300 gentlemen and ladies were surveyed about their jobs, their insurance, and their current health coverage. The survey was co-sponsored by the SSRS group, a market research group. Among those 41% said they had job-based health coverage according to the survey. Of that 20%, either they or their spouse are uninsured.

Hispanic and lower to middle-income workers have faced the highest layoffs. Thirty-one percent of Hispanics have faced job disruptions as compared to the 18% white people.27% people with annual incomes under than $50,000 and 16% if those with larger incomes had experienced job disruptions.

Around 74% of workers who had job-based insurance should have easy access to the subsidized health schemes that offer the same kind of health coverage. President of the Commonwealth Fund said the coverage is yet to reach the people who need it the most., the working people who have lost their incomes in the middle of a severe recession and global pandemic.

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