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Luko collaborates with Akur8 to strengthen pricing process

French start-up Luko and Akur8 which is changing insurance pricing with transparent Al, have announced a collaboration to strengthen Luko’s pricing process 

Aukar8 is a Al based insurance pricing solution which is for non-life insurance companies, Luko is a French insurance startup which is  collaborating to strengthen their pricing process. They form the faster and sophisticated process of pricing. 

Samuel Falmagne is CEO of Amkur8 who is delighted to have collaboration with Luko because they share a strong common value with the heart of their transparency. 

Making insurance simpler through an efficient underwriting process 

Luko was founded in 2018. Their ambition is to go beyond the simple framework and to move insurance from a model which react in based on preventing and giving thanks to technology developed in house. 

The chief Actuary of Luko Julien Gigol one said, “The achieved through an efficient and transparent underwriting process, with a reduced time-to-market to adapt quickly to the market and to our policyholders. My team is delighted with Akur8’s pricing solution, which combines all these elements and brings our expertise to the fore” it is one of the fastest growing insurtech in Europe and the leading of non-insurer in France with 200000 policyholder. 

Enhancing insurers pricing processes by automating risk modeling 

Akur8’s have brought the solution which enhances their process by making risk modeling with transparent artificial intelligence proprietary technology. This benifies the insurers to increase their prediction of performance and the speed of accuracy to their higher market reactivity and their business impact.

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