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Managed Repair Tech Firm Westhill Secures $13.5m In Funding

Things To Know About Westhill Global

Westhill is a privately held IT services and IT consultancy industry headquartered in Atlanta. The company was established in 217 and holds major specialties in the sectors like Claims, casualty, P&C, homeowners, property, contractor, insurance, restoration and insurtech. The company leverages cutting edge technology and connects carriers  and their policyholders with the right contractors based on their agreement and requirements. This, the firm focuses on providing a comprehensive digital solution for managing post-property-claim repairs, and currently has secured a hefty amount of profit as successful acquisition of a preferred funding round worth $13.5m.

The following funding round was guided by a notable strategic investor, marking a significant achievement for the company through which it has drawn contributions from both new and pre-existing investors, Eos Venture Partners, Luge Capital, and NYCA Partners. 

One of the main specialty of this form is that, it revolutionizes the property & casualty insurance industry with its unique digital solutions. This not only leverages it’s smart technology but also through this the firm bridges the gap between insurance carriers, contractors, and policyholders leading to easier connectivity. This approach removes inefficiencies from the claim process, offering customers a broad range of choice, while maintaining a business model rooted in transparency and shared value as well.

The latest funding influx will be used in letting the exceptional growth of Westhill and providing customers and partners with new features and enhancements for their policies. This paves a smoother upliftment for the company leading to profitable results.

What Are The Views Of Leading Members Of The Firm On This 

Kevin Reilley, CEO of Westhill, expressed his excitement over the funding, stating, “This funding confirms that our new and existing investors believe that we are solving key problems in the journey to get property owners back to normal after suffering a property loss.” He emphasized their commitment to offer the best customer experience and highlighted their focus on expanding relationships with top insurance carriers and building their team.”

Jonathan Kalman, Founding General Partner at Eos Venture Partners, says that,  “This new funding comes on the back of the Series A investment led by Eos Venture Partners in 2019, further augmenting the company’s financial stability and growth trajectory.”

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