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Marsh launches cybersecurity marketplace services

Marsh has launched a cybersecurity marketplace.

Marsh has launched new cybersecurity marketplace services intended at making the procurement process easier for US clients looking to defend their businesses from cyber threats.

Marsh will help clients discover cybersecurity products and services that are right for them, as well as analyse offerings that improve cyber resilience and insurability.

“Protecting your company from cyber threats is difficult enough; actually obtaining solutions to defend your company may be even more difficult,” said Tom Reagan, Marsh’s cyber practise leader for the United States and Canada. “In today’s fast-paced cyber market, it can take months for our clients to locate, assess, pilot, and appoint cybersecurity providers, which is a risk in and of itself.” We make the process smoother, faster, and more productive by identifying vendors and assisting clients in the review process, allowing them to deploy preferred cybersecurity safeguards sooner.”

CJ Dietzman, Marsh’s cybersecurity marketplace leader since January, is in charge of the new service. Dietzman has spent more than 25 years developing and improving cybersecurity strategies.

Dietzman stated, “Cybersecurity is a $160 billion global industry with hundreds of companies.” “Navigating is difficult for any organisation. We’re fine-tuning the process to provide customers more confidence in their final decision, whether it’s for a policy renewal, a breach, or simply in reaction to a new or emerging danger.”

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